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// 5 New Month’s Resolutions (why not)//

1. Better book keeping. I try to keep receipts by using an app to scan them and occasionally importing. But now that’s I’m working in an accounting office I’ve realized just how important it is to have backup of everything… you can write off a ton in the film industry which can make you an easy IRS audit target!

2. The obvious, lose weight and build muscle. I just moved, so once I’m situated it’s time to kick my butt and focus on my health.

3. Kill the GRE and LSAT so that my application to grad school is awesome. This means a TON of studying in all my free time. Step one, vocab! 

4. Build my savings. I’m finally consistently working enough that I can start putting some aside each paycheck to build a savings account. I just bought a car. One day I will be buying a home and as of now, it’s not happening any time soon!!

5. Drive safer and more consciously. Although I did not wreck my last car, I’m definitely appreciating my car more than ever right now. I want to drive slower, farther from the car in front of me, without touching my phone, and park away from other cars, rather than the closest spot. 

Bonus Resolution: Expand my Intellect. Stop watching reality tv and instead watch the history channel or debate talk shows. Or read the news rather than twitter. Organize my email and computer files. Unfollow immature blogs from when I made this blog years ago and follow blogs to help me achieve the above goals!



Basic Stretches for Tight Hips from Popsugar

I love these hip stretches!

(Source: healthfitnesshumour, via inspo-motivate)

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// Change of pace.//

Welcome back to my life Tumblr. You are now an attempt to focus on my training and diet. I’m tired of feeling motivated yet ending up back where I started. I’m okay with my body. I want to love myself more than just okay. I want to be proud of how i look. Nothing to lose, except fat and water weight! :)

I think I’m lucky no one has promised me forever; I’ve never been let down.

I'm emswest. Or emsweat... the "a" was a typo, but it's appropriate.